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Creative Flow
An editorial series for Pitchfork Media, entitled Creative Flow. The concept of getting in the zone, lost in your work, a topic which many creative people can relate to. Frankly, it’s the reason why I make art to escape from real life responsibility.  


The brain experiencing creative flow will also go into “transient hypofrontality,” a state where the prefrontal cortex–the center of our higher cognitive function goes on, and the home of our sense of self–temporarily deactivates. The result is that the parts of our brain that are most responsible for impulse control and critical thought–the parts that make us experience feelings like anxiety and self-doubt–go quiet.

Be water, my friend.


Client: Pitchfork Media
Art Direction: Noelle Roth
Illustration: Saiman Chow   


© 2002 - 2019 Saiman Chow

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