Lucky Charms

Unicorn Marshmallow

Lucky the Leprechaun found his unicorn marshmallow on a marshmallow island in the sky where everyone is always dancing!
In case you have been under a rock - Lucky Charms cereal has a new family member, a magical unicorn marshmallow. I teamed up with Blacklist and Joan Agency to welcome this magnificent new friend. We built a magical island complete with a giant unicorn, disco ball and loads of oversized charms! 


Props Frabication

Building a gaint unicorn

Set Assembly in progress

Track for a long dolly shot

That’s a wrap!

Styleframe looks strikingly close to the final set put together.


Client: Joan Agency
Executive producer: Joyce Lee
Production Company: Blacklist
Producer: Karen Lawler
Line Producer: Kathleen Handwerk
Copywriter: Tom Mandel
Art Director: Cara Johnson
Director: Saiman Chow
DP: Gregory Wilson
Production Design: Maxwell Sorenson
Design: Saiman Chow   


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