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A series of 4 Illustrations for the column called Outbursts, center on topics like privacy, fracking and corporatization. I was thrilled to flex my brain muscles on subjects that are different than the typical work I do.

The articles are well written and  I learned a ton in return. Read them, it’s free. Better yet, subscribe to The Baffler, excellent independent journalism we all
need at a time like this.

Material Witness

The novelist and the liar

Amitava Kumar on truth and lies in fiction: “I was laughing, but I was also nervous. I hadn’t calculated the fallout from my revelations. I didn’t want to. The truth is that I had decided I was going to write honestly about Patna and its inhabitants. I wasn’t going to hold back.”

Nightmare Fuel

The Fracking of America

Alec MacGillis on fracking in America: “Put those two strands together—the breakdown of community and the breakdown of government—and Amity and Prosperity is nothing less than a story of the collapse of the public commonweal in our time.”

A Crime and a Pastime

The paranoid style of American skateboarding

Hanson O’Haver on the world of professional skateboarding: “For those who fail to make a name for themselves in this illusory world of merit, careers can be vanishingly short. Injury inevitably couples with age; footage gets harder to come by; sponsors disappear. As the checks dwindle, skaters are forced, as the saying goes, to find a real job.”

The Needles and the Damage Done

The narrowfication of Manhattan architecture

Aaron Timms on super skyscrapper in Manhattan: “This is the living condition supertalls are designed to engineer: one that maximizes the privacy of the super-wealthy and whose highest priority is that privacy’s protection..”

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